lampen.jpgSteve started working with game hides over 40 years ago and Brenda has been working with leather for over 20 years. Some projects were small and some were large, but all were made as well as they could make them. Hand made quality is what they strive for each and every day. They love what they do and without that love they couldn’t create the beautiful products offered on this site.

In the early 1970’s, Steve was working in Los Angeles when he went into the city with a friend who loved working with leather and ended up purchasing 2 deer hides. Steve went home and soaked the hides in hot water and then stretched them on his workshop wall using galvanized nails. When they were dry, Steve cut them and stitched together a drawstring bag with three-sided twisted fringe.

Brenda started doing small leather projects over 20 years ago. She purchased The Indian Store from a fellow Native American in Mankato, Minnesota in 1993. While owning the store she worked more and more with leather and eventually met her future husband, Steve. Steve and Brenda learned from each other and continued creating leather products for the pure enjoyment of it.

In 1993, Steve had grown tired of the printing industry where he had worked for 32 years and decided to take a leap of faith and start working with leather full-time. He started quite humbly with some leather and a few handbags made in advance, his simple tools and 6 cents in his pocket. The next day, Steve went to a store 70 miles away and sold over $1,000 in handbags. That was the beginning of a full-time creative endeavor for Steve and Brenda.

Now Steve and Brenda sell at two major Native American art shows each year and sell to a number of fine art galleries throughout the United States and Japan. Although they work steadily throughout the year, often up to 12 hours a day, they spend their time doing what they love to do - making things out of wild game hides.