Our quality, one-of-a-kind deerskin handbags have always been fashionable. Excellent design and craftsmanship, as well as being completely handmade by us as artisans.

Being friends with other Native American artists, we have some of the best silversmiths available to make the center adornments for our bags. We also use old pennies, dimes and nickels on occasion.

If this is your first Twisted Fringe bag, welcome to our small world. With your purchase you become part of our extended family. Some of our family owns multiple numbers of bags, and some just one. Whatever your choice, from key chains to our most expensive items, we thank you.

When starting this venture forty-five years ago, we prayed to God asking Him to help us make a living. He has answered a lot of questions over the years. We have learned that going to God for answers has helped us with business questions, as well as life choices.