Normally leather requires frequent conditioning to replace the natural lubricants lost during normal use. Because of the tanning process, deer and elk leather we use, and the final lubricant we put on, we have had very little problems with drying or cracking. Most lubricants used to treat leather will darken the leather used in our bags, so we don’t suggest using a cream or oil.

Because unprotected leather is susceptible to spotting from water, hand lotions and other liquids, a newly purchased bag should be treated immediately to help prevent permanent stains from occurring. If you prefer your bag to age naturally and obtain a beautiful patina, you can refrain from putting a conditioning agent on it.

The best time to treat a leather product is at the time of purchase. Since we have put on a lubricant before you have purchased a bag, pretreatment is essential if you want to protect leather from staining, dirt and liquids. We recommend a spray product to keep your bag protected. These are usually found in good shoe stores and shoe repair stores. After that, the leather should be periodically conditioned to keep the leather from getting damaged. Follow the manufacturers recommendations.