Leather is a natural material made from the hides of animals. Just as no two animals are exactly alike, no two pieces of leather are identical. In addition to its own genetic heritage, each hide bears the little nicks and cuts that marked the animal during its lifetime. These natural characteristics are not defects and are considered marks of distinction in “full grain” leather, adding to the unique appeal of each finished product.

When hides are converted to leather, all non-essential parts of the original hide are removed, leaving only the surface “grain” and middle corium layers. The remarkable structure of the corium layer is made up of millions of microscopic fibers, twisted and interwoven by nature and gives leather its highly tensile strength and other desirable qualities.

Nothing equals leather for beauty, functionality and versatility. The qualities of leather are superior to those of any man-made material. Leather stretches to conform to individual contours, yet retains sufficient shape to provide support. Leather ‘breathes’ allowing air in and moisture out. A natural insulator, leather protects against extremes in temperature and humidity. A soft, rich feel and pleasing scent further heighten the appeal of leather.